Who is Bringsy?

Bringsy hosts a network of professional courier companies who provide "last mile" delivery throughout North America. We offer last mile delivery options to every type of business. Bringsy's technology is easily integrated into your businesses e-commerce website via our last mile API.

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Our Network of Hundreds of Courier Companies

Our on-demand network of hundreds of professional courier companies can not be matched. We offer a single, reliable, and affordable same-day and last-mile delivery solution that doesn’t disrupt existing processes or eat into often-slim margins.


We Serve Businesses Of All Sizes

Our technology and courier model work well for any size business. From restaurants to small retail businesses to enterprise companies and more, Bringsy is the right choice for all of your delivery needs!


Our Pricing Model

We never take a portion of the purchase price, while many of our competitors do. We charge a small monthly fee and a small percentage of the delivery fee. This is one of the many reasons that we have hundreds of happy clients!


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